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Henley Business School has an unparalleled reputation throughout the world as one of the leading international organisational schools. The MBA programme is designed to develop outstanding business leaders to take on the challenges and opportunities of operating in today’s complex and fast-moving global economy. A degree from a leading international business school like Henley has become the global management qualification for an ambitious manager with aspirations to senior leadership responsibilities. At Henley Business School we have been developing leaders for more than 75 years and are among an elite group of business schools to be triple-accredited for the quality and capability of our faculty and output.


The Henley MBA programme seeks to develop managers to make the right choices for themselves, their organisations, and society. The programme is international in scope and provides a rigorous grounding in the disciplines of management and access to thought leadership and leading-edge practice. Our approach to learning involves a high level of face-to-face interaction with academics and peers, individual contribution, group collaboration as well as personal development and coaching.

"We develop the capabilities of our students to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy – to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large and leadership for a fairer world".           - Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability, Henley Business School.

At Henley, we do more than teach about management and leadership. Henley was founded on the belief that success in business takes an understanding of more than just business. It takes an ability to see the bigger picture, to not just improve business but to improve society itself.


Today’s globally connected business world calls for a wider perspective, new skills and different ways of thinking. What we are seeing now is a new wave of Nordic leadership that is focused on innovation, change and sustainability. Being able to understand how we can work together and deal with the challenges the world is faced with is more important than ever.

The philosophy of Henley Business School is that learning is always anchored in real life and based on the learner ́s current reality and challenges. We understand that in your career, you may have already ‘been there, done that.’ This supports our belief that the most meaningful insights come from learning by doing. We encourage executives to view organisational problems in a holistic fashion and become aware of the implications of their decisions on other parts of the organisation. It ensures that managers are aware of the broader impact of organisation on society and the role their organisation plays. 

"My EMBA-study at Henley Business School really matured me as a leader. Both in how to prioritize in sustainability and how to be responsible as a leader and as a business.  But also on a more personal level to be able to find out what is my goal as a leader and where should I focus my energy".

Hanna Line Jakobsen
Head of Social & Humanitarian
Novo Nordisk Fonden

 The Henley EMBA progamme gives you the ability to see business and businesses differently. You will develop unique approaches to solving problems and unlocking opportunities. The Henley progamme requires learners to work together in groups to achieve their learning aims. In the process, a significant part of the learning benefit is derived from inter- action between group members, exposing managers to good practice in other industries as well as giving them valuable lessons in how to manage diverse teams. Increasingly, team management includes being able to lead a team of individuals, each with their own professional backgrounds and perspectives.

 The Henley Executive MBA is taught part-time, that allows you to work full time while you strengthen your career opportunities. The knowledge and skills you develop can be applied immediately in the workplace. Assessed assignments can be based on current issues, showcasing your new capabilities and creating a valuable contribution to your organisation. 


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