How to finance your MBA

An MBA is an investment both for you and your organisation

If you have made the decision to go forward with the Henley MBA, it is natural to find out exactly how it will be financed. The MBA can be self-financed, financed or partially financed by an employer, in addition to other financial options, such as the gross salary deduction "bruttolønsordning."

To read more about the gross salary deduction "bruttolønsordningen" please see the section on this page.

How much does an MBA cost?

The price of an MBA is variable depending upon which programme one enrolls in. If you choose to take your MBA in Denmark, the cost of the programme will typically be priced between 150,000-500,00 DKK. An MBA programme abroad will typically be more expensive. One of the reasons that programmes such as Henley in Denmark can offer a reduced price is due to the fact that there is a VAT exclusion for educational programmes in Denmark (*

Reputation and accreditation is another important parameter that can play a role in terms of the price point of an MBA. An MBA is not a protected title and that means that there is a vast difference between MBA suppliers in the market. Henley Business School is triple accredited, which is guarantee to you and a testament to the superior academic and professional level of the programme. Read more about our accredidations.

Furthermore, the form of an MBA programme can have an effect on the price. There is a difference between a full-time MBA and an Executive MBA. An Executive MBA is a flexible part-time programme that is typically undertaken at the same time as a full-time management position.

How much does a Henley MBA cost?

Henley Business School in Denmark offers an Executive MBA. The full MBA costs 425,000 DKK and includes the following:

  • All books and study materials
  • Two study trips to Henley Business School in the UK incl. accommodation
  • A Study trip to South Africa incl. accommodation*
  • A Study trip to USA incl. accommodation*
  • Access to Henley´s Online Learning Resources
  • Lifetime membership into Henley´s local and international alumni organisation, which numbers 80,000+ in over 156 countries

*The price does not include flights and other transportation in connection with the international workshops and study trips to UK/US/South Africa or China.

You can read more about the value that is included in the tuition cost in our brochure.

Financing Options

An MBA is a crucial investment - both for you and your organisation.

Not all organisations can or will fund or partially fund an MBA, regardless of how much value that can be gained from your MBA. If your organisation does not provide the necessary funding there are other financing options available to you.

Employer Financing

A large number of Henley MBA students have their education funded by their organisation. Before starting a dialogue with your organisation regarding funding an MBA, we recommend preparing why exactly it should be you that is chosen for an MBA.

In addition, we recommend reflecting over the following questions:

  • Are there others in your organisation who have had their MBA financed?
  • Is there surplus time and resources in the organisation for funding the MBA?
  • Are you employed in a position, where there is an opportunity for professional development?

On average, 65-75% of an MBA cohort will have their education fully financed by their employer.

You can read more about company benefits of an Henley MBA here. (in Danish)

If you would like further reasons why it is a good investment for your employer, download our Employer´s Guide here.

You are also quite welcome to contact us with any related questions at +45 70 10 50 05 or email

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    Payment installments

    At Henley we believe in flexibility, and you are therefore not required to pay for the entire programme at once. The Henley MBA is 3 stages, each lasting 7 months. Each stage is to be paid separately, one month prior to the beginning of the stage. In addition, you have the ability to take breaks between each stage, which can assist with both financial flexibility and overall alignment.

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    Gross Salary Deducation

    If your employer will not be financing or partially financing your MBA, there is a tax benefit programme called at "bruttolønsordning" that can be utilised.

    You can either finance your entire MBA as a gross salary benefit or make a deal with your employer to finance 50% of the MBA and you can finance the other 50% utilising the gross salary tax scheme.

    *Note - In Denmark it is not permissable to fully fund a professional development education like the MBA utilising the "bruttolønsordning." Read the relevant rules regarding this on the Danish tax website SKAT (in Danish)

    Read more (in danish)

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    Har du taget beslutningen om en Henley MBA, men har udfordringer med finansieringen, har vi samlet en række legater du kan søge.
    Følgende legater kan søges i forbindelse med finansiering af MBA.

    Read more about scholarship opportunities here