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Henley is a triple accredited and ranked among the top 1% of business schools worldwide

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A Henley education is an investment for life

MBA, CIM, Coaching programmes and tailored courses that meet the demand of your organisation

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  • Executive MBA - Master of Business Administration

    Henley´s Executive MBA (90 ECTS) is a 21-month programme (can be extended) that develops leaders who can embrace challenges and opportunities by operating in the complex, ever-changing and global economy that we find ourselves in. We develop leaders who are competent, responsible and adaptable, and you will undergo a transformative personal and professional development experience.

    Henley Graduation 2022-31

    The American, British and European accredidation bodies (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB) have evaluated the quality and effectiveness of our MBA programmes, and have concluded that with our triple accredidation status, the Henley MBA is not only challenging, stimulating and relevant, but in many cases life changing. If you would like to grow and transform your future, come and join the journey.

    The Henley MBA cohort comprises leaders from varied backgrounds, each bringing their unique expertise. They immerse themselves in a distinctive learning environment, engaging, evolving, and working together. Henley's pedagogical approach blends international insights with local significance and immersion. Workshops in Copenhagen are seamlessly integrated with international sessions and educational excursions to England, the USA, and South Africa.


    International study trips will give you the opportunity to gain insight into a range of business and leadership challenges in the field abroad. In addition, you will develop deeper insights into specific challenges that leaders encounter in an international environment

  • Executive CIM - Certificate in Management

    Henley´s CIM (30 ECTS) is a 7-month programme that offers excellent educational value and will award you a "Certificate in Business Management. The programme is the first stage of the Henley MBA proramme. Successful completion will grant you the opportunity to continue towards completing the full MBA, when the time aligns.


    The programme combines theoretical knowledge, practical tools and intensive personal development.

    Flexible Executive Education

    Henleys CIM-programme can be done part-time and lasts 7 months. Henley´s CIM is a stand-alone programme, but also qualifies as stage 1 of the full MBA diploma. In other words, when you complete the Henley CIM, you will be granted direct admission to stage 2 of the Henley MBA programme.


    For many, Henley´s programmes represent new possibilities. For others it is about fine-tuning the skills of taking responsibility and strengthening their leadership potential. For everyone, it is about a programme that challenges the ability to reflect and think about business and leadership in an innovative way. Henley´s CIM/MBA, will therefore, strengthen or maintain your market value while enhancing the quality of your decision making.

  • The Henley PCEC - Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching

    Henley´s Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching (15 ECTS) will appeal to those who wish to develop both their professional and personal coaching competencies. Practically, this can be done within one´s own organisation or as an indepdendent consultant.


    The programme is designed for leaders, coaches and practitioners that have prior formal or informal knowledge or experience with coaching.

    A flexible Coaching Education

    Henley´s Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching is a part-time programme of 9 months duration. This includes 7 workshop days over a 5-month period. The remaining 4 months are earmarked for coach mentoring training, which includes the art of coaching, reflection and coaching supervision.


    Henley´s Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching (PCEC) is the first triple accredited coaching programme (AC, ICF, EMCC) in Denmark. The programme consists of three workshops, followed by field work under guidance.

  • Executive Certificate in Leadership

    Henley´s Executive Certificate in Leadership (30 ECTS) will provide you with extra leadership tools. Specifically, you will gain insight and understand into the world´s leading leadership theories; including, leading individuals, teams and organisations. The programme will also enhance your abstraction level, together with developing critical and analytical thinking skills. As a result of the programme, you can also anticipate a heightened level of self-insight that will directly enhance your ability to lead authentically.


    A flexible certificate in leadership

    Henley´s Executive Certificate in Leadership is designed to be flexible and part-time so that you can combine studying with your career. We learn, practice and collaborate during intensive workshops that are buffered by our virtiaul learning experience. The goal is to give you the opportunity to quickly apply what you have learned to your place of work.


    Henley´s Executive Certificate in Leadership is a Master level qualification. In addition to being a stand-alone certificate, it also qualifies as teh first stage of the Master in Leadership from Henley Business School (M.A in Leadership). This is relevant for those that will continue their Master´s degree at a later time. The Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership (stage 1) is offered in Copenhagen. Stages 2 and 3 are offered in England.