Henley Executive Certificater in Leadership

Executive Certificate in Leadership

Master the art of exceptional leadership

Discover and become the leader you’ve always aspired to be. Become a leader who is analytical, self-knowing, with a strong sense of responsibility; someone who understands how to make people thrive, and who has the confidence to take the organisation forward.

Flexible programme format

Study is part-time, typically 7 months duration, with 8 days of in-person workshops. The Henley Certificate in Leadership focuses on developing the programme member’s individual knowledge and understanding of leadership concepts and their personal leadership.

An academic programme developed in collaboration with business

In developing this programme we collaborated significantly with leaders from large and small corporates, the public sector, government departments and social enterprises. Their insights, around current leadership and leadership development challenges, inform the programme content and delivery style.

With the Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership you study towards a qualification from a triple accredited business school whilst simultaneously developing leadership skills of immediate practical advantage to your current role and career.

This programme is designed to have immediate practical impact to both participants and their organisations, for example there is scope in assignments to align with work challenges and participants generally stay in their full time professional role whilst studying, applying new insights immediately back to their team and organisation.

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The Henley Certificate in Leadership is scheduled over 7 months with 8 days of workshops.

The Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership is:
  • A part-time programme that fits with your working commitments: 1 and 4-day workshops at Henley Denmark combined with work at home
  • Designed for anyone currently in a leadership role, or in a managerial role with significant leadership responsibilities.

Module 1

Leadership Concepts

Develop your understanding of leadership theories, including the management of individuals, teams and organisations. Improve your ability to:

  • Engage with leadership practices based on relevant thinking.
  • Take a critical and analytical approach to leadership thinking and practice.
  • Understand and apply leadership strategies, tools and practices from a variety of perspectives.

Module 2

Personal Leadership Development

Enhance your personal leadership skills, and your ability to:

  • Be self-aware
  • Plan, manage and reflect on your personal leadership style
  • Develop your behavioural skills to increase the effectiveness of your leadership
  • Explore the ethical and practical issues in leadership.

Module 3


This gives you an opportunity to explore additional topics of interest to you.

Elective modules may include:

  • Nordic Leadership
  • Complexity and Change
  • Mobilising and Maintaining Energy
  • Coaching and Mentoring.

In the very top

Top business school in the Nordics for open programmes. In addition, Henley Business School and University of Reading are placed in numerous other ranking concerning the business school, university and many other degree programmes.


Tripple Crown Accredited

Henley Business School are among an elite group of business schools to be triple-accredited for the quality and capability of our faculty and output.


Among the best

Among the top 20 business schools
in the world for executive education programmes. With this position, Henley Business School remains the leading Executive Education provider located in Denmark.

Learning experience

Henley is one of the world’s leading business schools and has built an international reputation for the development of executives, teams and organisations. We understand that development programmes have the most impact when they present a blend of research, industry experience and sufficient opportunities for practice and reflection.

Developing leaders

We develop leadership skills by bringing to our programmes a wide range of evidence-based models, tools and techniques, together with the underlying psychological frameworks. This enables participants to broaden their knowledge, understanding and skills, and develop a mind-set which creates wider possibilities for change.

How is the programme taught?

The programme is delivered through intense full-day workshops every two to three months, with participants completing additional self-study and applying their knowledge on practical tasks in their organisation in between the workshops. There’s also a full virtual learning environment with additional reading materials, videos and further areas for groups to collaborate on interim activities, such as preparing group presentations. This includes access to the Henley Academic Resource Centre – a comprehensive on-line resource of academic journals, global industry reports and e-books.

Composition and assessment

3 workshops (8 days), inter-workshop activities & 3 x 5,000 words assignments. 2 sessions of individual, one-to-one executive coaching and mentoring with an experienced coach.

Our tutors

Our tutors are highly experienced, senior-level practising executive who have been published in respected journals, written bestselling coaching books and spoken at conferences around the world.

The Henley experience

For years, Henley has been recognised as a prime source for content and research in the area of personal and professional development. The Henley Experience blends the development of knowledge, personal skills and behaviour with state-of-the-art teaching and learning environments and an inheritance of strong belief that the role of wealth creation in society is to better everyone rather than just the few. What emerges at every level are people whose values and attitudes say as much about them as their capabilities and who contribute to building a better future in every walk of life.

Creating resilient leaders

Our aim is to create resilient leaders. By this, we mean individuals who can lead effectively and appropriately in a range of settings, and with a high level of self-awareness, confidence, understanding and competence.

The Henley Certificate in Leadership provides multiple benefits, to you and your organisation:

Good for you
  • Build the fundamental knowledge of leadership needed to address your organisation’s goals and challenges
  • Earn a qualification from a triple-accredited global business school without taking a career break
  • Access resources from our online learning portal including books and journals
  • Work with faculty who have practical experience of current organisational working practice and challenges
  • Alumni status: Ongoing networking and development through your Henley Business School and University of Reading alumni status.
  • Build credibility with a Henley Business School certificate of completion
  • No matter how good you think you are as a leader, you will emerge as a better and more responsible leader at the end of this programme.
Good for the organisation
  • We challenge the participant to take responsibility towards contributing to sustainable solutions
  • Your executive will develop as they study; they will be increasingly informed, motivated and capable of inspiring teams and managing business challenges
  • Henley faculty and the peer study group, that your executive is part of, will provide reflections on strategies used outside of your specific industry.
Who is the Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership for?

The programme is designed for mid to senior level managers aiming to update their management capabilities with new frameworks and perspectives. A typical participant will be either in a leadership role, or anticipating a leadership role. In view of the distributed leadership approach in many organisations, the participant may be a manager with leadership responsibilities. Typical job titles include Director, Head of Department, Project Manager, Project Leader, HR Director, Managing Director and Marketing Manager.

Entry requirements:
  • Three years’ management experience
  • A good undergraduate degree or equivalent professional qualification

We also welcome applications from candidates with exceptional management experience (5+ years) who may not meet the formal academic criteria.



Tuition fee and application process

The Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership is scheduled over 7 months with 8 days of workshops.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the programme delivered in Copenhagen is:
70.000 kr. VAT exempt.

Henley MBA alumni are eligible for a 10% discount.



Apply for the Henley Executive Certificate in Leadership by filling in the application form below:


How do I apply?

The application form can be found here. As well as an application form applicants will also need to provide a CV, copy of degree certificate or transcript (if applicable), and evidence of proficiency in English (if applicable). Once you submit an application this will be reviewed by the Programme Director and if successful an offer letter will be sent out. You are confirmed on the programme once a signed acceptance is received.

'What I’ve learned has changed the way I work and given me the tools I need to develop my leadership skills. Whether you’re an aspiring or an experienced leader, you will find this course very beneficial – I cannot recommend it highly enough.'


Josephine Marchant MBA,
Strategic Business Leader, Meadowfield School, Kent



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