Gross Salary Deduction

Gross Salary Deduction

If your employer will not be financing or partially financing your MBA, there is a tax benefit programme called at "bruttolønsordning" that can be utilised.

You can either finance your entire MBA as a gross salary benefit or make a deal with your employer to finance 50% of the MBA and you can finance the other 50% utilising the gross salary tax scheme.

*Note - In Denmark it is not permissable to fully fund a professional development education like the MBA utilising the "bruttolønsordning." Read the relevant rules regarding this on the Danish tax website SKAT (in Danish)

Read more about the "bruttolønsordningen" here (in Danish)

What is the gross salary deduction "bruttolønsordning"?

A gross salary deduction is a tax benefit where one has the potential to count the MBA expense as gross salary. Practically speaking, the expense for your MBA will be deducted prior to taxation. This will have save a significant amount of money for you and/or your employer. Another benefit of choosing the gross salary deduction is that you can divide up payments on a monthly basis, instead of paying a lump sum amount prior to the commencement of each stage.

If you choose to partially self-finance your MBA via the gross salary deduction, your organisation will not be liable for any expenses.

To learn more about the gross salary deduction or hear about more financing options, please contact us at 70 10 50 05 or contact

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