The value of an Henley Executive MBA

Why should a company invest in an executive MBA?

There are several factors that are decisive, but in short it can be summed up with this quote:

”CFO asks CEO: ”What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”

CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Organisations are often faced with the question of how to retain good employees and managers and how to ensure their personal and professional development within the organization.

It's likely that your business faces the same issue and is wondering if it should sponsor or help managers in their pursuit of an MBA degree.

Can you retain the good leaders?

It goes without saying that good leaders are essential to any organisation. In the economic landscape we find ourselves in, where markets are becoming more global and international, people and intellectual qualities are more important to organisations than mechanical equipment as it was the case in the past.

Continuous development of good employees and managers can therefore be the source of a large and clear competitive advantage regardless of industry. Successful companies have always known that investing in people pays off in the long run because it helps to retain good people.

Additionally, the labor market has evolved to the point where competent managers will only remain in their current positions for as long as they have the chance to experience challenges on both a personal and professional level. It is therefore not unusual for them to opt to apply further where the opportunity exists if there are no development prospects, such as the opportunity for managers to pursue an MBA education.

Why pursue an MBA?

Employees who require more education do not necessarily have to enroll in an MBA program, but for managers aiming for top management roles, an MBA is seen as the logical next step in their careers on a worldwide scale.

By enrolling in an MBA program, you are demonstrating to the outside world that you possess the mental capacity, the strength of character, and the organisational abilities necessary to manage a full-time work, a private life, and an MBA program all at once. It is consequently a strong indication that a manager has exceptional focus and resolve and may provide extra value to the firm if they desire to pursue a Henley MBA.

Managers who have acquired an MBA from Henley Business School are also more able to think and act holistically inside the firm. In order to effectively adopt new business concepts in organizations, we train managers to swiftly learn and apply them. In order for decisions to be made correctly, where all outcomes and repercussions are mapped, Henley Business School also teaches managers to see how their choices will affect the organization as a whole.

Before making the decision

It is crucial that you as an employer are clear about how you will use the new professional and interpersonal abilities that the employee will learn if you want to make the most of your investment in a manager's MBA study. Experience has shown us that the optimum outcome for both sides occurs when the manager believes that the organisation is prepared to test the new abilities by giving them more responsibility and challenging work.

Benefits for the company

In order to experience full value for the investment, it is important that you as an organisation are clear about how you will use the new professional and personal skills that the employee will develop along the way. Experience shows that the best benefit for both parties is achieved if the employee feels that the organisation is ready to challenge the employee's new skills by offering more responsibility and new tasks.

  1. The business can keep its best workers motivated and engaged.

  2. How the individual applies new theoretical knowledge to their own professional environment is considered when evaluating them.

  3. The Henley MBA is adaptable, allowing the worker to modify the duties in light of their regular work.

  4. The MBA disciplines are taught by international experts, all of whom have a frame of reference focused on international business.

  5. The individual will obtain a comprehensive understanding of business and strategic insight, which could open up new development opportunities for the corporation.

  6. The organisation will witness the employee's management abilities and understanding of the development of their own personnel growth over time.

  7. The employee's leadership position will be much more secure, as well as an intellectual foundation on which to base his decisions.

  8. The employee will become fluent in the "language" of the entire organisation and receive instruction in conceptual thinking and English presentation.

  9. The employee joins one of the largest executive networks in the world, giving them the chance to network with more than +80,000 other Henley Alumni from around the world.

  10. Henley's professional foundation is built on a knowledgeable faculty that has spent more than 75 years specialising in creating experienced leaders. Most instructors have backgrounds in both academia and practice. Many of them do numerous research initiatives and actively contribute to the literature on global management in addition to teaching.
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