MBA Faculty Spotlight

This series will shine a light on the faculty behind the Henley Executive MBA. The people teaching, leading and convening on each module bring experience not only from their academic experience and extensive research, but from real-world business too.

Dr Anne Dibley is Associate Professor in Marketing and Associate Professor in Marketing and Head of Post-Experience and Apprenticeship Programmes. The Strategic Marketing module she teaches enables business leaders and managers to understand market-based problems, create value to customers with effective marketing strategies, and produce a comprehensive strategic proposal with real business benefits and relevancy to their roles in their organisation. 

Where did you study and work before coming to Henley? 

I studied Modern Languages at Clare College, Cambridge, and did my MBA and PhD at Cranfield School of Management. I worked as an international brand manager at a global paper company, and as a Projects Director, working on brand positioning strategies at The Added Value Group marketing agency.  

What areas of research do you focus on and why? 

I enjoy researching customer journeys, and advising companies on how to create value for customers across the journey.  

What module do you teach and what do you hope the cohort take away from it? 

I teach Strategic Marketing. I want the cohort to understand that strategic marketing is not just about advertising and promotion; it’s about creating value for customers – helping customers achieve their goals!  

Why would you recommend doing an MBA at Henley? 

Obviously, we have great content, but the thing that makes Henley special is that we give students the opportunity to receive coaching, focus on their personal development, and reflect on their role as responsible leaders. Not only will they work with fast-growing businesses in the US, but they will work with NGOs in South Africa, where they get the opportunity to work with organisations which are making a real difference to people’s lives.  

What do you think we should expect from the future of business and work? 

More automation, more flexibility, the likelihood of changing direction multiple times, and more ‘side-hustles’. 

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? 

Jacinda Ardern – I’m sure she’d have some great stories to tell! Also, Kate Raworth, who created ‘Doughnut Economics”. She has some brilliant ideas! 

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