Henley combines Business with People

The module 'Personal Development' makes this combination possible

In line with its social mission, Henley was one of the first to recognise the importance of Leadership Development. Our focus has always been on people and for this reason, Henley began integrating the ‘human side’ into the Executive MBA programme right from the start.


Henley believes that managers and executives learn best from themselves and to this end, the module ‘Personal Development’, supplemented by individual coaching sessions, accompanies the students throughout their studies, providing insights into personality structures and preferences, career questions and personal networks. The process combines the use of analytical tools, self-reflection and exchange between the students so that over time they establish a deep understanding of their own drivers and motivators. This understanding can then be used in their job to work with other people in a targeted manner.

The biggest difference between the industrial age and today is that humans are not machines that can easily be switched on and off, nor do they deliver clearly predictable results. Nowadays, people decide themselves when they are productive and therefore the task of the manager and leader is to create conditions in which people want to be productive.

In today’s Henley Executive MBA, students meet experts who cover the strategic, operational and interpersonal spheres of business activity. These experts combine knowledge from business economics, psychology, sociology and neurosciences so that the students can be successful both as managers and as leaders.

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