Join the real world of business with a global network that matters

The Economist has ranked the Henley alumni network as one of the top alumni networks in the world. Why? Because of the value members get by being part of it and being connected to one another throughout the world. The strength of this network is built by every single member, each one adding their own personal touch, involvement and willingness to help other Henley alumni.

People make the difference

Many students select the Henley Executive MBA (EMBA) because they are immediately immersed in an exclusive international learning environment. A workshop group can consist of several different nationalities, each with their own points of view – sharing and learning together from one another’s diverse cultural perspectives and best practices.

At Henley, students become immediately part of an engaged international alumni network, with access to a vibrant and truly global community of more than 85,000 business professionals in over 170 countries. Henley has 25 alumni chapters worldwide, which organise regularly a variety of events.

In Denmark alone, the chapter of nearly 1100 alumni is very active with numerous social and career events – and it’s growing all the time.


Professional path building

One of the greatest values of the Henley alumni network is to use it as a platform to develop one’s career or to explore new business opportunities. This network plays in the world’s premier business league, joining together professional members from all walks of life, who can help you learn, network and move ahead. It’s the fastest way to get out of your go-kart and buckle into a Formula 1 racer!

Reach out for support, assistance, references or insight – across professions, sectors, industries and international borders. This powerful network offers you the opportunity to connect, converse and act together on your new ideas and inspiration to build and support your passions with like-minded Henley graduates.


Platform to stay in touch

To help make it easy, members of the global network can stay connected through Henley Live. This dedicated online networking platform includes an alumni directory, discussion forums, access to research papers and articles, as well as information about global and local events that are open to all alumni.

Additionally, members have countless opportunities through Henley Live to seek new careers, expand business and find or become mentors.

In the end, every alumnus reflects the values that have been taught and shared throughout the Henley educational journey. It’s all about developing oneself and one’s ideas – and giving back to others – on the big international stage.

The Henley MBA - Quick Facts

  • Duration: 21 or 27 months (with possibility for extension up to 7 years)
  • Workshops: 57 days
  • Workshop locations: Mostly in Denmark, selected workshops in Finland, Germany and the UK
  • Study visits: South Africa, and China or the US
  • Assignments: 11 practical assignments + final research project 
  • ECTS: 90
  • Language: English
  • Faculty: UK + International
  • Tutors: Subject area professors + Academic Tutor support
  • Fee: DKK 397,000 (VAT 0%), excluding flight costs in connection with study visits

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