Choosing the right MBA: A checklist

Your future job path may be determined by your education from the Henley Executive MBA program. To find the best MBA if you decide to pursue your MBA goal, it is crucial to conduct extensive market research before making your final decision. To make the essential decisions, refer to the MBA checklist below.

Generalist or specialist? Is it theoretical or applied? Stateside or abroad? Per week, how many hours? And why did I decide to pursue an MBA degree in the first place? When deciding on the MBA program that perfectly satisfies your wants and interests, numerous aspects are at play. This is because there are many different MBA programs available. After all, it is not a protected title.

We have more than 20 years of experience assisting Danish managers in making major career decisions, which has given us a solid understanding of the factors one should take into account. Experience demands it, so we've included our MBA checklist below so you can decide with confidence.


Questions to reflect on early

What do I hope to accomplish with an MBA?

Type of MBA program

- MBA: full- or part-time?
- A general management MBA or a focused MBA program?
- Danish or international MBA degree?
- What duration is the training?
- How many hours a week do I need to put in? (Remember to bring the family along for guidance)
- Do I have the required number of hours per week? - Do I have support from my organization?

Form & Substance

- What are the attendance, teamwork, and self-study requirements for the program?
- I must attend classes, but where and how often?
- What programs include personal development?
- Which educational tools are employed?
- What needs do I have the subjects meet?
- In what way will my progress be evaluated?
- Do I create homework for my own business, or do you handle cases as they arise?
- Is there a global focus on education?
- What kind of personae do the teachers have?
- What possibilities for networking do the program's participants have both during and after the course?


- Do I have the option to stop along the route if I need to?
- Can I leave the course in the middle and still receive a diploma?
- What happens to my education if I relocate abroad?


- Is the MBA program accredited?
- Who has accredited the MBA program?
- Do I need the education to be internationally recognized?

Terms of financing and payment

- Do I have the choice of a gross wage scheme if I must pay for my MBA myself?
- Do I commit my money to the MBA program in its entirety or only a portion at a time?